White Label Extracts

Top-shelf cannabis extracts.

Through White Label Extracts, our skill, passion, unwavering commitment to quality, and unyielding respect for the craft of cannabis extraction are fully displayed. WLE products embody the artistry that begins with our dedicated farmers. Transcendent experiences start here.


Honeycomb is a White Label Extract exclusive. This light and airy cannabis confection is a sensory delight, with flavors as sweet and smooth as honey and as compelling as a summer bloom. Our most stable extract, Honeycomb maintains its distinctive consistency even in warmer temperatures. The magic, however, doesn’t stop at dabbing—crumble into a joint or sprinkle atop a bowl to elevate potency and flavor.

Botanical Terpene Carts

Our Botanical Terpene Carts are a harmonious blend of liquified THCa sugar enriched with premium botanical terpenes. Choose from nine exuberant, fruit-forward flavors that delight and satisfy. Ideal for enthusiasts seeking a robust THC experience, these cartridges offer a discreet indulgence. They represent exceptional value, perfect for budget-conscious connoisseurs who want to maintain a premium flavored experience.

Cured Resin Carts

Immerse yourself in the sophisticated harmony of our Cured Resin Carts. An extraordinary fusion of technology and nature, these carts deliver the lush, resonant tones captured from exquisitely cured cannabis. Think of these carts as more than just your typical vape cartridge—they’re your key to unlocking the plant’s soul, offering a profoundly enriching encounter with each puff.

Live Resin Carts

Embark on a sensory journey with our Live Resin Carts. Crafted meticulously to preserve the raw, vibrant essence of cannabis at its peak, our live resin cartridges are nothing short of a botanical celebration. With each draw, you’re not merely inhaling vapor; you’re connecting with the unadulterated vitality of the cannabis plant. It’s a dazzling exploration of flavor and aroma; every inhale is a revelation.


Treasured by enthusiasts for their astounding THCa concentration, our diamonds are the separated crystals of raw THCa, devoid of terpenes and other cannabinoids. Expect a fast-acting, clean cerebral high, perfect for the discerning dabber.

THCa Sugar

Reminiscent of our Diamonds, our THCa Sugar is pure, isolated THCa crystals with a texture varying from fine sand grains to soft powdered sugar. Dab it for a swift, intense cerebral impact, or sprinkle it into your joint, blunt, or bowl to elevate your favored flower.

Live Resin Sugar Sauce

In our Live Resin Sugar Sauce, you’ll embrace an exquisite concoction that’s more than an extract—a fanfare of flavors faithfully captured from the live cannabis plant. Each dab of our sugar sauce brings you closer to the source, immersing you in an effervescent burst of terpenes that elevate your senses and paint your experience with vibrant strokes of cannabis essence.

Cured Resin Sugar Sauce

Our signature textured sauce merges THCa crystals with a symphony of terpenes, retaining the unique flavors and effects of each strain we extract from. A perfect choice for full-spectrum cannabis extract lovers seeking a taste as enchanting as the flower itself.

Cured Resin Sugar

Our Cured Resin Sugar, akin to sugar sauce, boasts a higher proportion of THCa crystals to terpenes, resulting in a soft, sandy consistency. This easy-to-handle, full-spectrum extract enhances cannabis consumption while maintaining a harmonious blend of beneficial compounds.


Shatter boasts a brittle texture and candy glass appearance, exuding charm as timeless as its reputation. Bathed in hues ranging from transparent to blonde to light amber, its vibrancy is matched only by its high-THCa content. Crafted meticulously and methodically, our Shatter is a celebrated favorite, uniting experienced consumers and new dabbers in a shared appreciation for quality.

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