Color your everyday.

Chromatic is our testament to craftsmanship and value – an affordable daily luxury; celebrate cannabis without burdening your budget. Crafted with attention to detail and respect for our art, Chromatic enhances your every moment with the perfect blend of affordability and excellence.

Cured Resin Carts

Meet your everyday companion. Crafted from carefully cured cannabis, these cartridges offer a warm, rounded experience that fits any part of your day. Rich, full-bodied, and smooth, they are your go-to for an affordable dose of delight.

Cured Resin Sugar

Experience the sweetness of simplicity with our Cured Resin Sugar. It has a higher ratio of THCa crystals to terpenes and boasts a sandy consistency that’s as delightful as it is easy to consume. Perfect for an everyday pick-me-up that brings a touch of luxury to your life.

Cured Resin Sugar Sauce

Dive into the deliciousness of our Cured Resin Sugar Sauce. Combining flavor-rich terpenes with THCa crystals offering an affordable treat that doesn’t compromise the full spectrum of cannabis benefits. Enjoy this daily escape that dances on your taste buds and soothes your senses.


Savor the smooth, sweet experience of our Honeycomb. This light, airy cannabis confection is a Chromatic exclusive, delivering delightful flavor and stability. Easy to handle and fantastic to taste, it’s your pocket-friendly luxury for everyday delight.


Enjoy a timeless classic. With its clear to light amber color, brittle texture, and high THCa content, Chromatic Extracts Shatter elevates the everyday. It’s an affordable tool to enhance your daily routine, perfect for experienced consumers and new dabbers.

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