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At White Label Extracts we pride ourselves in taking the time, energy, and effort to respond to each and every email/inquiry that comes our way!

As we appreciate and value every customer/farm we work with. Please take a moment and choose which dept. will best suit your needs and drop us a call/email:

Sales Team

Representing WLE in southern Oregon. Mobile: (541) 852-1720 Email:
Representing WLE for eastern Oregon. Mobile: (541) 914-5181 Email:  
Representing WLE for Portland, Oregon; East of i5. Mobile: (541) 844-8776 Email:  
Representing WLE in Eugene, Springfield, Cottage Grove, Bend. Mobile: (541) 510-2022 Email:
Representing WLE in West of i5, north of Eugene to Astoria. Mobile: (541) 510-4893 Email:
Representing the territory spanning East from I-5 to Pendleton, North of Eugene to Portland. Mobile: (458) 221-8280 Email:

The White Label Extracts office is closed on Saturdays and Sundays. Orders larger than 454 grams must be manifested 24 hours in advance; per OLCC regulations.